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Free ICT Europe contributes towards EU Standards – Places secondary market on the agenda

Europe is moving:increasing special requirements for product types through EU Ecodesign product groups.

At first these were focussed on energy reduction. However following review it and putting an emphasis on circular economy aspects, it appears that improvements to stimulate materials used, repair, reuse and recycling should be added – underpinned by a standard for all product classes.

To deliver this general standard the “JCT10” project will build a proposal. Free ICT Europe has provided input to the current text versions of three working groups that have influence in the IT aftermarket: Durability, Remanufacturing/Refurb and Repair, Reuse, Upgrade.


Within our comments we want to make clear that the independent channel is an important contributor to facilitate the extension of life-cycle, reuse and repair of ICT equipment. Also practical issues regarding Firmware, Diagnostics and Passwords are being addressed.

The General Standard will be placed above the current Ecodesign product specific groups. Having our issues addressed at this General level is our target. It will mean easier acceptance at the review at product level (Servers & Storage) while for a new product group (Networking?) this will also be applied.


To gain more insight in Ecodesign and what it does contribute to our position in the market, please listen to our Podcast with Davide Polverini.

To learn more about the JCT10, get involved with Free ICT Europe and make a difference please contact us.

Podcast: Ecodesign Servers & Storage includes also repair, resale and firmware

Ecodesign provides EU-wide rules for improving the environmental performance of products, both business as consumer. This directive sets requirements for new equipment. Beyond energy consumption restrictions, it will also contain elements to stimulate independent repair, resale and other Circular elements.

EU policy officer Davide Polverini informs you about:

· Developments in Circular Economy and Sustainability
· Ecodesign opening the market for Independent service providers
· Data deletion tool requirement: preventing destruction of disks
· Firmware availability requirement
· Ecodesign stimulating refurbishment, reuse and resale
· Ecodesign as a tool to extend product life cycle