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Podcast: Ecodesign Servers & Storage includes also repair, resale and firmware

Ecodesign provides EU-wide rules for improving the environmental performance of products, both business as consumer. This directive sets requirements for new equipment. Beyond energy consumption restrictions, it will also contain elements to stimulate independent repair, resale and other Circular elements.

EU policy officer Davide Polverini informs you about:

· Developments in Circular Economy and Sustainability
· Ecodesign opening the market for Independent service providers
· Data deletion tool requirement: preventing destruction of disks
· Firmware availability requirement
· Ecodesign stimulating refurbishment, reuse and resale
· Ecodesign as a tool to extend product life cycle

FIE presents: Podcast IoT and the right to repair when human life is at stake

FIE welcomes you to listen to our first Podcast.

In this episode Martin Thompson from Free ICT Europe speaks with mr. Arthur van der Wees of Arthur’s Legal on the challenges of developing free and competitive markets around the Internet of Things.

Discussion topics

  • Introduction of Arthur, background, his firm and activities
  • Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)
  • IoT developments for Enterprises
  • IoT and Serviceability / ability to update / upgrade / sustainability
  • Lifecycle of device data
  • The interdisciplinary approach to IOT innovation
  • Market adoption of IOT devices to improve industries and stimulus culture
  • Standards


Mr. Arthur van der Wees | Arthur’s Legal B.V.

Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)